MONDAY, OCTOBER 2nd , 2023 OPEN 7pm to 3am (Club opens at 6:30pm   


CLUB CASH GIVEAWAY (Every Day).  Be there for 7pm tonight and reserve before 6:30 and your in.  Give away cash every day just because you reserved and are there at the start of the game.

OPEN THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.  Special promo for Thanksgiving Weekend.  CASH GIVEAWY $200 at 4pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


CASH GAME  IS ALWAYS $5 Max (No matter what size the pot).  Best Prices ANYWHERE!! 



After talking to everyone we will give Saturday tournaments a try again.  It is truthfully UP TO you to register and come for them. I am making them MORE AFFORDABLE so more players can play and increase that pot size. $125 Buyin/$100 Rebuys. 30k in chips, old blind structure.  Check out Tournament page for all the details.

First one will be Oct 21 at 1pm. DEEP- DEEP STACK 

Nov 4th 1PM  BOUNTY TOURNAMENT  is the next one. 

BONUS CHIPS for reserving and being there at 1pm. Then every second Saturday after that. Please SIGN UP so I know you want tournaments.

You must register as a member (NO CHARGE) and reserve for games to be eligible for all our promotions

 (We are a CASH CLUB only, but there is a bank close by)  

Floor: Virginia. Dealers: Eric and Dimitre


Bad Beat: $8,000+

Kickback Draw:  Semi Monthly Draw

High Hand at midnight

Cash Giveaway at start of game (UP TO $200)

Reserve | Register | Promotions info


Saturday tournaments are back, starting Oct 21.

$125 buyin/$100 rebuys, see Tournament page for more details.

Reserve | Register | Tournament Info

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Make sure to check out no fees for Aug - Sep 11.

Open 7 days a week again!!! 

Monday - Thursday :  7 pm - 3 am

Holiday Mondays we are open at 4 pm 
Fridays : 7 pm - 4 Aam
Saturday  ANNIVERSARY  TOURNAMENT Sept 23 : 1 pm - 6 pm
Saturday  (Cash): 4 pm - 4 am
Sunday: 4 pm - 3 am